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Originally Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2002

Installing Donaldson Blackwing Air Filter


Performance mod to increase air flow into the engine for your C5/Z06 Corvette.

Tools Required

  • Flat Head Screw Driver


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
SLP/Donaldson X007417 Donaldson Blackwing Air Filter Exit-28 Motorsports $249.00
SLP 21111 SLP Add-On Bellows Kit for 01-02 C5 Exit-28 Motorsports $.00
Total Not including shipping. $249.00


Install Time (on a 2002 Z06): (45-60min.)

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Description: Donaldson Blackwing Air Filter
Advanced filtration technology, Low air flow restriction, Increased horsepower, Washable/reusable, Extended life filter.

Here is a before shot of the stock 2002 Z06 Air Box Assembly as seen from the front of the car with the hood up.

Here is the new Donaldson Blackwing Air Filter, shown with the SLP Add-On Bellows Kit to the right of the Blackwing.

1. Disconnect air bellow from throttle body.
You'll have to loosen the worm gear clamp from the throttle body, then using your hands, pull the air bellow away.

2. Disconnect air temp/mass air flow sensor connector.
Using a flat head screw driver, carefully press in the security pin and remove it from the connector. Now press down on the center of connector and disconnect.

3. Disconnect air bridge grommets.
Simply lift up on both sides of the air bridge with your hands to remove the grommets from the studs on top of the radiator support.

4. Disconnect air box grommets.
From the front of the car, simply reach down pull/push the air box towards the back of the car. This should pop the grommets off the studs.

5. Remove PVC Elbow & Grommet.
Remove the factory air box lid to expose the side of the PVC elbow. Now grasp it firmly and pull it out. Remove the grommet from the air box if it didn't come off with the PVC elbow.

6. Transfer stock air box grommet to Blackwing.
Here's a comparison of the stock air box and the Donaldson Blackwing air filter. Over, you'll see the two grommets on the bottom of the stock air box. Remove the grommets and pop them into the Donaldson. Make sure you put them in in the correct side as pictured.

7. Remove stock air box from air bridge assembly.
Loosen the worm clamp from the stock air box to the air temp/mass air flow sensor. Pull the air box away exposing the air temp/mass air flow sensor assembly.

Here is what it looks like when the whole thing is disconnected. Do not damage the inside of the air temp/mass air flow sensor!!

Very delicate. Don't poke any objects in there or your car will be running rough and it'll cost you to fix.

8. Remove rubber grommet and clamp from Blackwing.
The big rubber grommet on the Blackwing should simply slide right out. You'll have to replace it with the adapter from the add-on bellows kit.

9. Check everything.
Here's what it looks like when the air bridge is attached to the Blackwing. Note the position of Blackwing must be in this direction when looking at it from the top.

10. Almost finished. Now you'll have to a) attach air bridge grommets to factory studs, b) attach Blackwing grommets to factory studs, c) attach PVC grommet to Blackwing, d) attach PVC elbow to grommet, e) attach wire harness connector to air temp/mass air flow sensor, f) push in security pin to air temp/mass air flow sensor connector, g) lastly, tighten worm gear clamp at the throttle body.

You saw the "before" picture way up top, now here is the after picture with the Donaldson Blackwing in the place of the factory '02 Z06 air box. Am I imagining or do I seems to hear the factory Z06 exhaust growl a little meaner??? Awesome.


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