Last Updated: Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Originally Posted: Sunday, February 10, 2002

Installing the CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator


Performance mod to eliminate the 1-4 Skip Shift on manual shift C5/Z06 Corvettes.

Tools Required

  • Your Fingers
  • Jack (car lift, etc.)


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
---- ---- CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator $15.99
Total Not including shipping. $15.99


Install Time (on a 2002 Z06): (10 - 15min.)

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Description: A plug in resistor that bypasses the skip shift solenoid on the C5/Z06 Corvette.

Here is what you get with the CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator Kit. If you want to go the cheaper route, you can also buy a 2.2K ohm .5watt resistor from Radio Shack or similar electronics store for a few cents and bend the ends of the resistor and plug it into the factory socket.

1. Jack up your Vette.
First thing to do is to jack up your car and craw under the transmission. Here you'll see the connector from the drivers side of the tranny. Unplug the connector to prepare for the CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator (or the 2.2K ohm .5 watt resistor)!

2. Unplugged.
Alright! Now it's unplugged. This is easy huh? Now go get your GAGS Skip Shift Eliminator or resistor.

3. Plug and play.
It's as easy as that. This will probably be the easiest mod ever!! The CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator should be water proof, but if you go the resistor route, make sure you use electrical tape around the connector so water doesn't get in it!

4. Zip Tie.
Now that the messy job is done it's time to tidy up and finish the job. Get a zip tie and tie it to the skip shift solenoid on the tranny. Or if you want, just tie it anywhere you see fit.

Get ready to have full control of your shifts and not let the computer tell you where you have to shift!!


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