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Installing C5 Flush Mount Tail Light Kit


Flush mount your tail lights so less dirt gets trapped in there and give your car a unique look.

Tools Required

  • Torx 15 Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Cutters or a file
  • Cleaner (alcohol will do)


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
--- --- C5 Flush Mount Tail Light Kit $38.99
Total Not including shipping. $38.99


Install Time: (10min.)

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1. Remove tail lights.
To remove the factory tail lights, you will need to use a Torx 15 screw bit. There are two screws per tail light. You can either remove them all at the same time, or simply do one at a time.

2. File off tabs from the rear of the tail lights.
Euro spec tail lights skip to step 3. On U.S. spec tail lights (black one pictured below) you will have to file off two tabs from behind so that it's flat with the surface of the tail light. Euro spec tail lights do not have these tabs so it is not required to do any filing.

3. Clean tail light mount surface.
Now that you have the tail light removed. Clean the bottom surface of any debris that has collected there. (I can guarantee you'll find a lot of crud). Once you have all the debris off, clean the bottom and side surface with some alcohol. This will give the rubber foam (supplied with the kit) as good surface to adhere to.

4. Adhere 12" rubber foam.
Using one of the supplied 12" rubber foam strip, adhere it to the bottom as far back as it will go as shown below.

5. Adhere 12" rubber weather strip.
Now take the supplied 12" weather strip and adhere it right next to the rubber foam strip as shown below.

6. Install spacers and tail lights.
Almost done. Now take the supplied stainless steel screws and put them through the tail lights. Next, take the spacers and align them through the screws as shown below.

Note: the two smaller spacers are used on the outer two taillights. Install them on the mounting screws further to the outside.

Now, carefully place each of your thumbs over the heads of the screws and carefully line up the entire assembly over the factory mounting holes. Using your philips screwdriver, screw the tail light in place. Picture two below shows the left tail light with the kit, and the right tail light without the kit. Now simply repeat these steps for the other three tail lights.


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