Last Updated: Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Originally Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2002

Installing Factory Fog Lights on a Z06


To light up the road better under bad weather conditions.

Tools Required

  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Torx 10 Screw Driver
  • 10mm Socket/Ratchet


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
GM 12135155 Fog Light/Trunk Release Switch GMPartsDirect $26.74
GM/Blazer 10438855 RH Factory Corvette Fog Light GMPartsDirect $52.98
GM/Blazer 10438856 LH Factory Corvette Fog Light GMPartsDirect $52.98
GM 10281487 HEX Nut (10 pieces) GMPartsDirect $4.30
GM 11514623 10mm Bolt (10 pieces) GMPartsDirect $6.10
    Assorted wires and a relay    
Total Not including shipping. $143.10


Install Time: (60-90min.)

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1. Install fog light/trunk release switch.
Pry under the old switch (in the middle bottom edge) using a flat head screw driver. (I used a flat head from a Swiss utility knife, as it is smooth and won't scratch the dash). The old trunk only switch should pop out fairly easily. Undo the harness and plug the new switch in.

2. Brackets.
If you are going to install the PIAAs fog lights, just remove the stock brackets and install it on the PIAAs. Here you can see the factory blazer fog lights with the bolt and nut required for the install.

3. Removing headlights.
Pop up the headlights then disconnect the battery. Start by removing 3 Philips screws from the sides of the headlight bezel cover. (The black plastic part that surrounds the headlights)

4. Remove headlight bezel.
If you grab the top of the bezel, and pull forward, it should tilt downward. Then you can lift up and pull it out.

5. Remove headlight top.
With the bezel removed, you can now access the Torx 10 screws on the headlight cover. (The painted part, in my case it's yellow). Remove all 4 T-10 screws from the cover and lift up.

6. Remove support bracket.
You guessed it, more screws. Remove the 4 T-10 screws from the support bracket.

7. Remove the headlight.
With the bracket removed, you can access the 3 10mm screws holding the headlight to the adjuster brackets. It's a little tight, but can easily be removed with a 1/4" or 3/8" ratchet and a 10mm socket w/ extension.

8. Locate hex shaped hole.
With the headlight out of the way, you can see the hex shaped hole on the frame where you can mount the fog lights.

9. Place hex bolt into hole.
(Don't worry, it seems like it won't hold, but when you tighten, it will compress the nut and stay in place).

10. Mount fog lights.
Position your fog lights over the opening and using the 10mm bolt, tighten it down until it's in place. The Hex Nut will crush behind the frame and stay in place and won't fall out.

Here is a pic of the fog lights peeking through the Z06 front grill.


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