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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Installing Z06 Style Rear Grilles


Enhance appearance.

Tools Required

  • Alcohol
  • Jack


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
--- --- Z06 Style Front, Side and Rear Grilles $154.99
Total Not including shipping. $154.99


Install Time: (10min.)

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1. Clean the Surface.
Jacking up the rear of your car might make it easier for you to crawl under your car. Once you are under there, make sure you use some alcohol and clean the inside of the bumper where the grille will be adhered to.

2. Align Grille and Stick.
From under the car, test fit each grille before removing the backing on the molding tape. Once you are sure it fits correctly, you can remove the backing on each of the blocks and carefully align the grille in place. Then press firmly on the outside against the blocks so that the molding tape adheres well with the surface.

3. Now go drive your car so that everyone behind you can see your new grilles.
Below from left to right, before, after, close up. :)


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