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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Installing Z06 Style Side Grilles


Enhance appearance.

Tools Required

  • Alcohol
  • Jack
  • 7mm Socket & Rachet
  • Breaker Bar w/ 3/4" Socket
  • Torque wrench w/ 3/4 Socket


Manufacturer Part # Description Purchased From Price
--- --- Z06 Style Front, Side and Rear Grilles $154.99
Total Not including shipping. $154.99


Install Time: (30min.)

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1. Remove front wheels.
Removing your front wheels will make it much easier to install the side grilles.

2. Identify the left and right grilles.
It doesn't really matter which side you install the grilles on but just make sure you have all the pieces. Included should be the grilles and 6 blue acrylic blocks.

3. Remove wheel well cover.
There is an access panel that you can remove with a 7mm socket. Note that there are three on the bottom and 6 on the side. Once you have the access panel removed, there is a plastic shield that you will have to remove as well. That is held on with two 7mm screws. You will not see the 7mm screws for the shield until you remove the access panel.

4. Clean surface and install.
Make sure the mounting surface is clean. Use some rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. Now is a good time to test fit the grille and bend the grille a little so it matches the contour of the inner grill opening.

Peel the double-sided tape on the clear acrylic block that is already mounted on the grille. Press the grille on the vent opening and slide it in place. Using some pressure on both sides, press the clear acrylic block in place.

Now take the three blue acrylic blocks and remove the double-sided tape on those and with some pressure against the grille (so that it touches the vent and leaves no gap) carefully slide the blue blocks in place as pictured below. Again, using some pressure on both sides so they are secure.

5. That's it, here's some pictures of the completed install.


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