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2006 LeMans Blue C6 Coupe (sold July 2006)

2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 (sold November 2005)

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2003.5 BMW Mystic Blue M3 Coupe
2005 BMW LeMans Blue X5 4.8is

07-01-06: Unfortunately I was not happy with the C6 and really wanted a Z06 so the C6 has been sold (for now). ;)
2002 Z06 sold and new 06 C6 Coupe Purchased from Kerbeck!! Hopefully a new C6 Z06 will be coming my way in the future when they are more readily available.
05-14-04: Track again...back to Watkins Glen. :)
Woohoo...track season. VIR time!!
Car in temporary storage with the help of the Battery Tender Plus. :)
Switched to Kirban Kwik 6-Speed Shifter
10-18-03: Installed Carbon Fiber Dash & Center Console
Installed band clamps on RT Cat/X Pipe
10-04-03: Installed Z06 Style Front & Side Grilles
Installed Z06 Style Rear Grilles
Installed C5 Flush Mount Tail Light Kit
Installed tire pressure sensors and activated DIC to read tire pressures.
Installed Koolmat Tunnel Heat Shield
Installed new Matching Gas & Dead Pedals
Installed Euro Taillights
TPIS Headers, RT High Flow Cat & X Pipe
05-17-03: Watkins Glen
Installed Euro Headlights & Catz HID
04-27-03: Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Baer Rotors & CarboTech Pads Installed
Installed MGW Pistol Grip Shift Knob
10-25-02: Installed Trunk Deck Lid Cover
CAGS, Skip Shift eliminator finally installed
07-06-02: Factory C5 Fog Lights installed
Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Installed
Donaldson Blackwing Installed
06-22-02: Hurst Shifter Installed
04-27-02: Stock Dyno Run
04-13-02: Valentine One Installed


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Recent 02 Z06 DIYs Below:

TPIS Long Tube Headers

Random Tech CATS/X-Pipe

Blackwing Air Filter

Matching Gas & Dead Pedals

MGW Knob & Hurst Shifter

Baer Rotors & Carbo Tech Pads

KoolMat Tunnel Heat Shield

Valentine 1 Radar Detector

Skip Shift Eliminator


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